An high end, 4U rack, dual mono, 2bus and Mastering Equalizer, a bandaxall section with an additional mid band, HPF and LPF, switchable custom transformers (also with eq bypassed), all stepped controls.

Designed in collaboration with MixbusTV, only 10 units built in total for the first limited batch of production. Each unit was numbered.

Now we are ready for the next “standard” hand made production, custom released on order.

Price 2800 Euro

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Here are the specs of the MIXBAX EQ:

Frequency Response +/- 0.1dB 10Hz to 40kHz

Noise floor < -93dBu

THD+N <0.002%

Crosstalk rejection >110dB

Input pad -6dB

Output gain +/- 5 dB (1dB/step)

Low freq. bax: 20, 30, 60, 85, 120, 150Hz

Low freq. gain: +/- 5dB (1dB step in mastering mode); +/- 15dB (mix mode)

Hi freq. bax: 1, 2.5, 6, 12, 20, 24 kHz

Hi freq. gain: +/- 5dB (1dB step in mastering mode); +/- 15dB (mix mode)

Mid voicing: 250, 500, 1.5k, 3k, 6k, 10k Hz

Mid gain: +/- 5dB (1dB step in mastering mode); +/- 12dB (mix mode)

HPF: 23, 27, 35, 40, 49 Hz

LPF: 24, 20, 17, 14, 12 kHz

Power supply USA 120V 800mA fast blow fuse / EUROPE 240V 400mA fast blow fuse

Enclosure 19-inch 4RU

– 3 separate equalizer section per channel

– HPF and LPF filter: 12dB/octave

– Precision stepped controls

– Full bypass

– Independent gain range switch for each section: +/- 1 to 5db in mastering mode, +/- 5db to +/- 12db in “mix” mode

– Optional “Iron” sound: switchable output transformers individual control to use them also with EQ in bypass to color signals.

– MID VOICING control to shape mid frequencies “voicing”

– full relays switched controls for minimum noise in signal path with separate power supply regulator

– WIMA capacitors

– selected metal film resistors for controls accuracy and matching